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“Matteson Perry's deft comic memoir … chronicles his year or so of dating dangerously. Successfully straddling the line between satire and seriousness, Perry offers a few more narrative twists on the way to a well-earned happy ending.” – Julia M. Klein, The Chicago Tribune (Full Review)

"In his hilarious memoir, award-winning screenwriter Matteson Perry brings us into the inner sanctum of failed pick-up lines, uncomfortable courtships, awkward texts, and self-discovery, charting the highs and lows of single life and the lessons he learned along the way." - ABC News, 16 Must Read Book for Summer 2016

“Just when you think there’s nothing new to say about dating, along comes this Perry dude and his hilarious, touching post-breakup year of hound-dogging. He gets better, bolder – and learns that Nice (and Funny) does get the girl.” - Judith NewmanPeople, "People Picks - Books," June 6th Issue.

"Matteson Perry illuminates’s interesting to see what he learns about love and life."--Bustle, May 2016's Best Nonfiction Books

“’Available’ is an insightful perspective into one man's quest to not find love. The reader is granted a peek into the brain of a dating male who's profoundly honest and completely willing to share what he thinks and feels. Perry started the journey with the hope that he could learn to be better with women. In the end, he learned to be better at life.”Lincee Ray, Associated Press  

"This book reads like a male version of Sex and the City." - Julia McMichael, Manhattan Book Review (5/5 Star Review)

"“Available” is an insightful perspective into one man’s quest to avoid finding love." - The Columbus Dispatch

"Refreshingly honest, it’s full of warmth and gives rise to multiple lols. You know, the kind of lols that cause you to laugh, pause, then read out whole passages to whoever will listen?" - Giulia Brugliera, Fashion Journal Australia

“Matteson Perry is what you’d get if Bill Bryson were writing about 21st century dating. His book is funny, touching and highly educational for old people like me who got married before the age of swiping-right and molly (and by educational, I mean awesomely voyeuristic). He’s the most entertaining chronicler of nice guy romance since Nick Hornby.”—A.J. Jacobs

"Matteson Perry has written the antidote to the bro-hook up book. Available is a thoughtful, interesting, and most of all, funny memoir about relationships, filled with universal feelings but unique stories.”—Justin Halpern, #1 New York Times bestselling author ofSh*t My Day Says and I Suck at Girls

"This book makes dating and having sex sound so real and emotional and fun and funny. It's making me think I should maybe lose my virginity someday!"-Megan Amram, author of Science...for Her!

“Matteson Perry has written the perfect book for people who like stories about sex and love that are also funny. So, unless you are a priest, a nun, or Newt Gingrich, you will love reading Available.”—Paul Shirley, author of Can I Keep My Jersey?

"Matteson Perry has crafted a chronicle of dating that does what the best ones do: remind you how humbling and humiliating the whole process is, while simultaneously reminding you that there is a way out that isn’t death. Breezy, exceptionally entertaining, and cringe-y in all the best ways, AVAILABLE makes me personally happy that I am not." - Stephen Falk, creator of You're the Worst on FX, writer on Weeds and Orange is the New Black

"Available at times reads like your own memories in someone else's brain, and Perry's journey from smooth-skinned lady-fearer to married man is funny, honest, brisk, and heartfelt." - Joe Randazzo, Former Editor of The Onion, head writer of @Midnight on Comedy Central, and author of Funny on Purpose: The Definitive Guide to an Unpredictable Career in Comedy

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