Telling stories is an intrinsic part of being human, and yet it is a difficult thing to do well (obvious, if you've sat through a boring Power Point presentation or been seated next to the wrong person at a wedding.)

Telling good stories is a skill that can be taught though. Ten years of storytelling experience - as performer, host, writer, and teacher - has given me a keen sense of story structure, what makes a story work, and how a story can fail. You don't have to have led an incredible life or be hilarious to tell a good story - anyone can tell a compelling story with a little guidance. Using the techniques that have helped me develop dozens of crowd-pleasing stories, I've created a structured way for anyone to apply what I've learned.

Stories create empathy and desire, allow people to see the world through a different lense, and bring emotional understanding where pure information can't break through. Whether you want to be a performer or writer, better connect with clients,  or nail a wedding toast, I can teach you to use story to engage any audience. I'd love to help you tell YOUR story.

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    Offerings include:

    Corporate Seminars and Team Building

    • Talks on the fundamentals of storytelling
    • Specialized siminar that explain how storytelling could be used by your company or team
    • Team building through personal storytelling workshops
    • Specialized training for the integration of storytelling technique into any role


    • Help define and develop your brand or product's story
    • Integration of storytelling into presentations that are typically dry
    • Story as a way to demonstrate passion to a client
    • How to help your client tell THEIR story with your product or service

    For Performers and Writers

    • Identify the strongest ideas and concepts
    • Lock on to which elements are most compelling
    • Suggest a structure that suits your story best
    • Help you find your unique voice and style
    • Emotional and comedic punch up
    • Editing
    • Performance evaluation
    • Essay and memoir consultation